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Super Sample Pack

  • $68.50

Now you can build and try your own Super Size Sample Pack for about 1/2 the cost if purchased separately.

Pick 1 from each of the 3 groups below.
Group #1:  A quart of Revive iT Oxy Spotter OR Surround No-Rinse Spotter

Group #2:  A gallon of Surround Free, Surround Omega Citrus, Surround OmegaZyme, Revive iT Rocket OR a 2 lb. container of Rocket's Radical Rinse

Group #3:  A 16 oz. Omega Specialty Spotter
Omega Bye Bye Red Dye 16oz.
Omega POG – Paint, Oil & Grease 16oz.
Omega Gum, Grease & Ink Spotter 16oz.
Omega Rust Remover 16oz.
Omega Waste-Away Urine, Stain & Odor Remover 16oz. 

More information on your Super Sample Pack options:

  • Revive It Rocket Citrus with peroxide, encap detergent for HWE and LM and bonnet and NEW T3H encap polymers
  • Surround OmegaZyme - A Bio-enzymatic formula with the added strength of new bacterial strains to digest high levels of fat, oil and grease and superior lipase producers to degrade long and short chain fats and the associated odors, all in an encapsulation package containing ProFresh!
  • Surround Omega Citrus - A high-powered carpet encapsulation detergent formulated for your most difficult carpet cleaning challenges, like apartments and greasy restaurants that you may have previously struggled to clean.
  • Surround Free - Surround Free is an absolutely odorless Super Concentrated encapsulation carpet cleaner.
  • Rocket’s Radical Rinse - Powdered Encap Extraction Rinse, Booster & LM Cleaner. Light citrus scent, incredibly low dilutions in our ultra-concentrated encapsulation extraction rinse, encapsulation detergent and booster for your favorite liquid Bonnet Pro cleaner.
  • Revive iT Oxy Spotter & Stain Remover - Not just a fantastic encap spotter but an actual organic stain remover!
  • Surround No-Rinse Spotter - Surround NO-Rinse Encapsulating Spotter is truly the easiest and most effective general spotter you can get
  • Omega Bye Bye Red Dye - A 1 part synthetic dye stain remover that is very effective on singular synthetic red dye stains and can even be effective on combinations like #3, #40 and red 40 lake dye that other products struggle with.
  • Omega Gum, Grease and Ink Spotter - Gum, Grease & Ink works fantastic on gum and other spots like tar, grease, cosmetics and most types of inks. Pleasant orange scent.
  • Omega Waste-Away Urine, Stain & Odor Remover - Natural plant-based cleaners to digest and eliminate organic material, stains, and odors caused by urine, vomit, and even feces.
  • Omega P.O.G. Spotter - Our P.O.G. can remove tough oil based spots like grease, oil, tar, dried oil based paints, lipsticks, nail polish and some adhesives.
  • Omega Rust Remover Spotter - Rust Remover is a new generation of rust remover for carpets and fabrics.

This package may not be freeze thaw stable.

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