MiniMax Terminator

MiniMax Terminator

  • $6,895.00

MiniMax Terminator Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Equipment

For Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

The MiniMax is the foundation for a highly profitable encapsulation carpet care business.

Why buy a machine that looks like something the customer can rent from the local hardware store? Your image is worth more!

The Never Spill feature is a Bonnet Pro designed exclusive
No matter what position the handle is in, even if the machine is laid all the way back on the floor, our NEVER SPILL feature is safer! Never again deal with a shampoo tank that floods the carpet when you’re changing your bonnets.

New Features:

  • New 1Hp 220 r.p.m. DC motor with oil filled gearbox that won’t pop 15 amp breakers
  • Exclusive never spill feature always keeps your removable solution tank and tool & bonnet cradle in the upright position
  • No need to put handle in upright position to change bonnets, just lay it back. A real time saver!
  • Lower center of gravity noticeably reduces handle weight
  • 3 lift handles
  • New robotics wheels place 8 wheels on ground at all times improving stability, maneuverability and stair climbing
  • Precision ground SS wheel axles with SS insert nuts
  • Machine weight only 89 pounds including pad drive
  • Super extension cord with Qwik Lock Electrical contacts using highly conducting Beryllium-Copper alloy
  • Locking mechanism made of hard brass spring loaded. With hospital plug on 50 foot safety yellow cord
  • Satellite spray system with ultra quality 30 foot coil and swivels, high quality gun with SS lance and tipMiniMax-silver-pan1
  • Reflective decals with 8mm protective laminate
  • Plus, all the great features of the original!

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