Revive Encapsulation Pad Insert 14"

Revive Encapsulation Pad Insert 14" *** SOLD OUT ***

  • $34.75

Revive carpet encapsulation pads are the perfect choice when you need a high-quality pad that will clean a wide range of soiling conditions.

Revive Encapsulation Pads will give you more scrubbing power than even the best bonnets. This scrubbing action can at times even be more effective than hot water extraction. Why, it easy. When you hot water extract your running a smooth non-aggressive piece of metal or Teflon over the surface of the carpet. If the soil is packed in-between the fibers you can only rinse away so much. With Revive Encapsulation Pads and the CarpetMax or your floor machine you will get a new level of scrubbing action that loosens packed in soil and will take your low moisture carpet cleaning to the next level.

Revive Pads wont shed or leave little pieces of material in your carpet. You will clean between 10,000 and 14,000 feet per pad. This means next to no annoying pad changes while cleaning and no pile of dirty bonnets to clean after a big job, saving you even more time. And will a cost of about $ 4.00 per pad they couldn’t be more economical to use. Remember, fewer pad changes, no laundering & better results.

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