Surround No Rinse Encap Spotter with AFT

Surround No Rinse Encap Spotter with AFT

  • $248.00

No-Rinse Encap Spotter – Excellent Cleaning Strength!

No Rinsing – No Machines – No Hassles

Surround No-Rinse Encap Spotter is truly the easiest and most effective carpet spotter you can get! Anyone can get fast and professional results the first time they use this amazing product.

Simply apply Surround directly to your carpet covering the spot. Gently rub with a white terry type cloth and watch the spot transfer to the cloth. No need to rinse! Surround dries to a polymer film that encapsulates any remaining soil that will easily be vacuumed out on the next vacuum cycle. Surround will not change the hand or texture of your carpet and will not promote rapid resoiling. In fact, just the opposite. Surround will help prevent or eliminate wicking and will help your carpets to stay cleaner longer.

Product Features:
  • Contains AFT – Active Film Technology
  • The strongest general encapsulating spotter you can buy
  • Outstanding cleaning strength
  • Now contains the power of citrus
  • Proprietary anti-resoiling agents
  • Removes most ink blends and toners
  • Removes most petroleum based spots
  • Easiest, most effective encapsulant product on the market
  • Health rating 1
  • pH 7
  • Freeze thaw stable 3X
  • Proudly Made in the USA
SURROUND No-Rinse Spotter has all the following technical features:
  • Contains our proprietary AFT (Active Film Technology) that makes future cleanings easier and faster. Read more about AFT in the tab above.
  • Powerful Proprietary Encapsulating Detergent Polymers that will emulsify organic phase or oily soils and suspend most particulate soils for easy removal. These detergent polymers will encapsulate the suspended soils and detergents leaving behind a polymer residue. This polymer residue will prevent rapid re-soiling and enhance the efficiency of routine vacuuming, allowing for continued removal of any residual soils after the cleaning process. This reduces the frequency of wet cleaning needed to maintain or preserve the appearance of the carpet face fiber.
  • Proprietary Stain Resist Agents have been incorporated that provide superior protection from typical acid dyes commonly found in foodstuffs and many other materials.
  • Proprietary Anti-Soiling Agents that enhance the formation of encapsulating films that provide extended soil resistance after the cleaned area has dried.
  • Surface Tension Modifiers help enhance the efficiency of the cleaning agents leading to increased productivity, spot and soil resistance, and better soil release in subsequent cleanings. These surface tension modifiers are particularly effective in allowing for better removal of the oily or greasy soils found in many commercial environments.
  • Free of hazardous air pollutants that can affect indoor air quality.
  • Phosphate free, utilizing proprietary new detergency builders that will not harm the environment.
  • All of the Surround products are safe for use on most commercial and residential fibers. All of our products enhance the soil and stain resist features of the carpet fibers while offering exceptional cleaning and high productivity. The no- rinse spotter eliminates the need for extracting treated areas and prevents the spot from returning or rapidly re-soiling.

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