Industry First – Superior NEW HWE Nano Emulsion liquid carpet prespray

Liquid LAVA Prespray

  • $72.25

Industry First – Superior NEW HWE Nano Emulsion liquid carpet prespray

Liquid LAVA is a game-changing new technology; with a primarily bio-based organic formula, LAVA will out-clean all other competitors’ synthetic liquid carpet presprays! Liquid LAVA is just above a neutral pH in dilution, and you can use Liquid LAVA in both residential and commercial environments on various carpet and upholstery fibers. Also, did you know LAVA makes an incredible spotter? Using safer nanoMAXX tech combined with special solvents creates a product that cuts hydrocarbons, grease, and soils like nothing you have ever experienced. You’ll need this new and proprietary industry-changing formula to provide your valuable customers and clients a higher level and clean over your competitors.

You deserve HWE products with lower money-saving dilutions! Liquid LAVA HWE organic carpet cleaner pre spray requires only 1-3 oz. per gallon to actually clean! Our dilutions are not just a starting point that looks good on paper. Imagine the money you will save with such low dilutions combined with our superior cleaning power. Liquid LAVA Carpet Prespray is a great value!

This NEW super liquid carpet prespray formula includes another exclusive and superior technology called AFT (Active Film Technology). AFT helps block oily binders and prevent biofilms that cause rapid re-soiling. AFT is formulated into many LAVA products, providing safer, faster cleaning.

  • Incredible organic cleaning power from new technologies
  • Nothing else like it in our industry
  • Mostly bio-based formula for a safer yet extremely effective clean
  • Nano microemulsion technology plus special solvents penetrate and cut difficult soils like never before
  • Very low dilutions, only 1 to 3 oz per gallon needed
  • Contains AFT to prevent oil binders and biofilms
  • Carpets will stay cleaner much longer compared to competitor’s presprays
  • Clean 17,000 to 50,000 square feet per gallon! At 400 sf. per RTU gallon
  • Proprietary Bonnet Pro formula made in the US
  • Superior performance in a safer, more economical formula
  • You won’t need 4 to 12 oz per gallon like competitors’ products

Liquid LAVA Prespray SDS
Liquid LAVA Prespray Label

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