Fresh LAVA Deodorizer professional pet deodorizer

Fresh LAVA Deodorizer

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Fresh LAVA leaves a fresh, clean scent, but it’s more than just an odor eliminator. As a professional pet deodorizer, it’s your new best friend when it comes to pet urine odor removal and other offensive smells.

Fresh LAVA is more effective than related copper and magnesium salts of the same valence and associated organic acids of the same carbon number. In other words, Fresh LAVA is a premium odor counteractant, not just a nice smell.

Fresh LAVA zinc salt forms unique fixating complexes specific to the odor-causing substances that cause intensive odor with low odor thresholds, such as low molecular weight organic acids, amines, mercaptans, dialkyl sulfides, dialkyl disulfides, NH3, H2S, and SO2.

Fresh LAVA traps, absorbs, and fixes odor-intensive organic substances and is excellent as a professional pet deodorizer. Substances with low odor thresholds with sulfur, such as thiols and thioethers, or nitrogen-containing functional groups, such as ammonia and dimethylamine, are effectively neutralized by Fresh LAVA.

You’re going to LAVA the scent of Fresh LAVA and its performance – a very fresh, clean smell your customers will love.

  • Best pet odor eliminator for carpet and fibers
  • Renders many volatile odors undetectable
  • No cheap perfume smell
  • No tacky residue
  • Use on hard or soft surfaces
  • Non-ionic, safe for stain-resist carpet and fabric
  • Mixes well into carpet cleaning solution
  • Health rating is a 1
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Chemically neutralizes odors, not a masking agent
  • Binds with organic waste and decomposition odors
  • Effective against smelly acids, amines, mercaptans, and thioethers, including hydrogen sulfide and ammonia
  • Destroys odors associated with humans, animal urine, food, chemical process, and smoke
  • Recommended for liquid, spray, or mist applications
  • Will not cause rapid resoiling
  • pH 6-8

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