LAVA rinse hot water extraction

LAVA Rinse

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There has not been a new revelation in hot water extraction rinses in decades. Until now, professional cleaners were stuck with only alkaline rinses that would re-soil rapidly or a textile rinse. With the advanced Nano Micro-Emulsion technology found in LAVA Rinse, you finally have an entirely new neutral carpet rinse for a superior clean that you can’t get with any other product at any cost!

Based on the Green Power of nanoMAXX and AFT (Active Film Technology), you now have a neutral extraction rinse with a zero health rating that has no odor. LAVA Rinse cuts hydrocarbons and soils exceptionally well and will boost your LAVA prespray. LAVA Rinse does not promote rapid re-soiling due to AFT’s ability to block oily binders and biofilms from attaching to face fibers. So when you use LAVA Rinse organic carpet rinse, your rinse is safer and stays cleaner longer than any other neutral carpet rinse in the world marketplace, making your customers very happy they hired you.

  • First new neutral carpet detergent technology in decades!
  • Superior rinsing, cleaning, and soil blocking
  • Bright, clean carpets rinsed with a 0 health rating formula
  • Mostly bio-based product ingredients
  • AFT (Active Film Technology) for a longer-lasting clean
  • No odor to offend sensitive customers
  • Fresh LAVA can be added if desired
  • Lower freezing temperature for winter shipping
  • pH 7-8 in solution

LAVA Rinse Label

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