Red LAVA Prespray

Red LAVA Prespray

  • $63.75

Red LAVA is your best choice for a stand-alone commercial powdered oxy carpet prespray, tile cleaner, or booster. This incredible, high-pH formula incorporates oxy, citrus, pH builders, and special solvents to remove dirt and stains at your most challenging job sites. Also, Red LAVA includes an eco-friendly surfactant in an easy-to-mix hot water formula for your most demanding cleaning tasks. Our formula helps protect metal components in your machine and smells fantastic with our new Fresh LAVA scent.

Red LAVA cuts through soils and your work faster than ever before with this outstanding powered commercial carpet prespray. Our size is 7.5 pounds, not 6.5 like the other guys, so we not only clean better, we offer a much better value.

Red LAVA oxy citrus extraction prespray also contains our industry-exclusive AFT (Active Film technology). AFT helps block oily binders and biofilms for a longer-lasting clean and is a proprietary ingredient that can’t be found in any other formula at any price.

  • Superior cleaning power over competition
  • Low dilution formula
  • Larger, money-saving 7.5 pound jar, not 6.5 like the competitors’
  • Exclusive AFT ingredients that keep carpets cleaner longer
  • Easier-to-mix formula
  • Citrus and oxy to cut greasy soils
  • Fresh LAVA scent for a great smelling clean
  • Better value with higher cleaning and degreasing performance
  • pH 10-12
  • LAVA for HWE – You’re going to LAVA using our power!

Red LAVA Prespray SDS
Red LAVA Prespray Label

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