Yellow LAVA Prespray

Yellow LAVA Prespray

  • $63.75

Yellow LAVA contains more active ingredients and technologies than any other USOR prespray (Urine Stain and Odor Remover) product in our industry, to combat urine stains and odors, during a 1-visit pet or person odor elimination cleaning. Use as a superior urine odor and urine stain prespray and you’ll get the best possibility of correcting the problem the first time.

  • T-38 – Is effective against odor-causing bacteria

  • SuperFresh 14 – Stops odors before they aerosolize and reach your nose
  • Peroxide – Is a blended higher-quality peroxide for superior organic stain removal.
  • Priority Blend 7 – Active cleaners to remove soils without adding additional presprays in most cases.

  • ProFresh Scent – Not only smells wonderful but is very effective against urine odors and substantially outlasts competitors’ scents.
You can’t beat the power of LAVA for HWE, and no other USOR prespray can outperform Yellow LAVA’s ability to clean, deodorize, and restore urine-contaminated carpets, upholstery, and clothing.
  • Superior raw ingredients yield better, faster results
  • More technologies equal better success rates on a single visit
  • Longer lasting, better smelling ProFresh Scent
  • Yellow LAVA does not require extra presprays to clean like competitors’ products, in most cases
  • No other product contains SuperFresh 14 for superior odor control
  • Lower dilutions with better results
  • pH 6-8

Yellow LAVA Label

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