Acid LAVA Rinse

Acid LAVA Rinse

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We chose safer ingredients like organic citric acid with natural bleaching, degreasing qualities, and antibacterial properties to aid against biofilm buildup. Our second acid supports penetration, has low corrosivity on household surfaces, and is highly effective at complexing calcium salts, making it effective at removing detergent films and even rock salt, soap scum, and other hard water scales. Plus, this ingredient is readily biodegradable for a low environmental impact. Get the purist clean with Acid LAVA Rinse. *Not for soft/natural stone and tiles like marble, but Acid LAVA textile rinse can be effective after alkaline cleaning of porcelain tiles.

Acid LAVA Rinse neutralizes prior soil-attracting alkaline residues that prevent rapid resoiling. It also helps remove winter salt, calcium deposits, and urine salts, making it an excellent product for use during winter or on pet odor jobs.

Acid LAVA is the ideal acid rinse for carpet and upholstery fibers and actually improves the look and feel of all textiles. Acid LAVA acts as a conditioning agent that stabilizes and brings out the fiber’s colors, making them look brighter and more beautiful. It can inhibit browning and color-bleeding.

  • Use 1-3 oz per gallon as needed
  • Mild clean scent
  • Can be used on soft and hard surfaces*
  • Fresher, brighter carpets and upholstery are only a rinse away
  • pH of 2.5 to neutralize high pH Alkaline presprays

Acid LAVA Rinse SDS
Acid LAVA Rinse Label

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